Upcoming 9th grade English

Complete any necessary reading of Poe’s Cask of Amontillado and complete the worksheet on dramatic and verbal irony. It is due Monday, October 16.

We will continue to read Poe stories and reviewing their gothic elements.

All make-up work must be completed by Wednesday, October 18 for 1st term!

Upcoming 8th grade English

There will be a vocabulary test on Chapter 7 next Monday. We will work on Chapter 8 which will be turned in on Tuesday.

We will continue to read Halloween Tree.

All make-up work must be turned in to me by Wednesday, October 18 for 1st quarter!


We have currently completed reading and answering questions through chapter 6. Chapter 7&8 will be next Monday and Wednesday we will have completed chapters 9&10. Extra credit will be given for an essay discussing the gothic elements of Odyssey Dance Company’s Thriller.

All work (make-up or otherwise) must be in by Wednesday, October 18 for 1st term.

Week of October 2/English 9

Monday/Tuesday read The Scarlet Ibis.

Wednesday/Thursday complete the questions for Scarlet Ibis. Read Poison. Answer questions.

Frankenstein/English 9H

Continue background information. Milton’s Paradise Lost and Byron’s Prometheus.

Begin reading Frankenstein.

Week of October 2/English 8

Vocabulary Test Monday on Chapter 6. Work on chapter 7 packet.

Correct Chapter 7 vocabulary packet. Continue to work on transitive verbs exercise.

Week of September 25/English 9

We will finish reading The Birds orally. 

The next story we will be reading is Poison and there will be a worksheet for that story.

Week of September 25/English 9H

Monday will be an introduction to Romantic and Gothic literature as well as background on Mary Shelley and the story of Frankenstein.

We will read Rhime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Coleridge.

We will begin reading Frankenstein. Make certain you have your own copy of the novel.

Week of September 25/English 8

Vocabulary Test Monday on Chapter 4

Chapter 5 vocabulary packet is due on Tuesday

We will be working on the action verb exercise on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Week of Sept 11/English 9H

We will be taking the benchmark test in School City. 

We will watch the Children’s March and work on projects for To Kill a Mockingbird.