Week of Sept 11

We will be taking the benchmark test in School City. 

We will watch the Children’s March and work on projects for To Kill a Mockingbird.

We’ll read Scarlet Ibis.

Week of Sept 11

We will be taking the School City benchmark in class on Monday/Tuesday.

We will finish Most Dangerous Game essays and then continue reading short stories.

Week of Sept 11

There will be a quiz on Vocabulary Chapter 2 on Monday. Chapter 3 will be handed out and it will be due Tuesday.

Students will be taking the School City Benchmark on Tuesday.

Short Stories

We will continue reading short stories. After finishing The Most Dangerous Game, we will read Sound of Thunder and then The Birds.

To Kill a Mockingbird Project

Continue to gather information you will need for your project.


Tuesday there will be a vocabulary test on Exercise 3 of Chapter 1. Make sure you know the word, its synonym and antonym. We will then work on Chapter 2 vocabulary. It will be due Wednesday.

Reading Inventory Testing

Reading Inventory tests will be administered in class on Monday, Aug 28 (B) day and Tuesday, Aug 29 (A) day.

Vocabulary Chapter 1

Vocabulary Chapter 1 will be worked on in class Monday, Aug 28 and will be corrected at the beginning of the period on Tuesday, Aug 29.

Reading Inventory test will be Tuesday, Aug. 29


Welcome back to school. I’m looking forward to a rewarding year. 


Reminder that summer reading questions for To Kill a Mockingbird will be due Monday, August 21.