April 16th to April 20th

Students please check your grades early and often.  These are current assignments and should be written on your Health Tracking Sheet.
All assignments are due at the end of the class period.
Please come to my class during “Eagle Time” if you are missing anything.
Health Textbooks are available at the library to check out if you need one.

#1:  4-1:  Mental Health (pp. 82-88)
Vocab (10) Review (1-5_

#2:  Choices Articles
Body Shaming
Heroin took over our Town

#3:  4-3: Depression/Suicide (pp. 94-99)
Vocab (4) Review (1-5)

#4:  4-4:  Treating Mental Disorders (pp. 102-104)
Vocab (5) Review (1-3)

#5:  Honesty (value)
Class notes/Students can use notes on quiz

#6:  5-1:  Families Today (pp. 112-117)
Vocab (8) Review (1-4)

March 9th to March13th

This week remember there is student elections and cheerleader try outs. 
Good luck to all those involved.
Remember you can make up any assignment during Eagle Time.  Please come talk to me if there is a problem.

Monday 9th/Tuesday 10th/Wednesday 11th
1.  New Tracking Sheet for the last term/Up-date assignments 1 and 2.
2.  Choices Articles:  Body Shaming/Heroin too over our town/DUE end of class.
3.  Discussion:  4-3:  Depression and Suicide (pp. 94-99)
                                      vocab (4) review (1-5)
Thursday 12th
1.  Families Today/Causes of Family Stress/Keeping Families Health

Friday 13th
1.  Skills for Healthy Relationships
      Passive, Aggressive, Assertive Behaviors

1.  Aerobic/Anaerobic activity.
2. Assigned class activity.
3.  Remember 80% of your grade is dress and participation in class activity.



March 5th to March 9th

Students please check your grade early and often.  If your have questions come see me during “Eagle Time”
The end of third term is the 28th of March.  Make sure you don’t have missing work.

Monday 5th to Tuesday 6th

1.  Up-date “Health Tracking Sheet” 10-14.  All assignments have been graded and passed back.
2.  2-3:  Expressing Emotions (pp. 44-50)  Vocab (6) review (1-4)
a.  Identify the four primary emotions and the three learned emotions.
b.  Explain why it’s important to recognize your emotions.
c.  Distinguish helpful from harmful coping strategies.
d.  Describe the six common defense mechanisms.  (pp.49)
Class Notes/Quiz next period.
Wednesday 7th/Thursday 8th
1.  Choices Articles (2)
Dont be Fuul’d (e-cigarettes)
Let’s talk about respect (harassment at school)
Friday 9th
1.  Quiz: 6 Common Defense Mechanisms (students can used class notes)
2.  Not Fit For Human Consumption (synthetic drugs)

Monday 5th to Friday 9th

1.  Be prepared for class clean white shirt and dark shorts.
2.  Listen to all instructions, play fair and safe.
3.  Participation is 

February 26th to March 6th

Students check your grades early and often.  If there is a problem come talk to me during “Eagle Time”.
This week is our annual school play.  All students involved need to check with me, my blog, or other students as to what was missed during class time.  Have a great week…

Monday 26th/Tuesday 27th

1.  Up-date “Health Tracking Sheet” (these are all assignments we have been working on).
2.  Finish 14-4:   Sleep and fitness (pp. 364-366) vocab (4) review (1-3)
3.  2-2:  Self Esteem (pp. 36-41) vocab (3) review (1-4)
What is Self Esteem/How can you boost self esteem.
Compare the effects of high and low self esteem.
How can self esteem change as you grow older.
Identify ways you can achieve and maintain high self esteem.
Summarize Maslow’s theory of self actualization.
Wednesday 28th Thursday 1st
1.  2-3:  Expressing Emotions (pp. 44-50) vocab (6) review (1-4)
Identify the four primary emotions.
Explain why it’s important to recognize your emotions.
What is a coping strategy/defense mechanism.
Name the six common defense mechanisms.
Friday 2nd
1.  Choices Article (TBA)

Monday 26th to Friday March 2nd

Dress and participation essential for a good grade.

February 20th to February 23rd

I’m sorry about not posting last week.  I will make it a goal to not having that happen again.
Students check your grades for accuracy.  If you have a problem or question come see me during “Eagle Time” we can always work things out.

Tuesday 20th to Friday 23rd:  (big snow day Tuesday, tons of students late to school)
1.  Up-date Health Tracking Sheet (10-12)
2.  Finishing up Personal Care Unit (hygiene)
14-1: Teeth and Gums (pp. 342-346)
TARGET (WS) worksheet
Functions of teeth and gums, structural problems, preventing teeth/gum problems.
14-2:Skin, Hair ,Nails (pp. 347-353)
Identify functions of the skin, what is acne, treating acne, functions of hair and nails.
14-3:  Eyes and Ears (pp.356-363)
How do eyes allow you to see, keeping eyes healthy,
How do ears allow you to hear and keep your balance, ways to keep ears health
Class notes/Quiz to follow/students can use their notes on the quiz

Tuesday 20th to Friday 23rd
1.  I check on Monday/Tuesday to make sure students have clean gear for the week.  It has gotten to the point where I have started to take participation points away from students who chronically wear dirty clothes.  Parents I need your help with this.  THANKS
2.  We will be running an indoor mile on Tuesday /Wednesday (due to the weather)
3.  Dress, participation, effort, is what will earn you an “A”.  I expect you to do your best at all times.
4.  PLEASE REPORT ANY MISBEHAVIOR IN THE LOCKER ROOMS.  I take personal safety very seriously.

January 29th to February 2nd

Students…  PLEASE check your grades early and often.  If you have questions come see me during “Eagle Time”.  Don’t forget to bring your “Health Tracking Sheet” with you.

Monday 29th/Tuesday 30th
1.  Pass back graded work/Up-date “Health Tracking Sheet”.
2.  QUIZ/Monday only (DECIDE MODEL) students can use class notes
Choices Articles:  Weird Body Stuff/Are You Addicted To Your Cell Phone (due end of class)
3.  Discussion:  How to evaluate health products, services, and information.
                             What is Health fraud/Consumer Rights
4.  ASSIGN:  1-4 Wise Consumer (pp. 18-24)
                               vocab (5) review (1-5) DUE END OF CLASS
Wednesday 1st/Thursday 2nd
1.  Discussion Personality:  5 main traits, factors that help determine personality
2.  ASSIGN:  WS/ Describing Personality/Erickson’s stages of personality/DUE end of class.
Friday 3rd
1.  Finish with Personality information
2.  Facts about Heroin

Monday 29th to Friday 3rd 
1.  P.E. Disclosures are past due/Please get them in ASAP.
2.  First “PACER ” test.  Students must get 40 to get passing grade.
3.  Cardio/Instructed play activity

January 22nd to January 26th

Students, check you grades early and often.
If you are missing any work come see me during “Eagle Time”.

Monday 22nd to Tuesday 23rd
1.  Pass back graded work/up-date Health Tracking sheet (1-3)
2.  Discussion:  How to Identify Health Risks/Taking Responsibility for your Health
                           a.  Identify factors that can influence a persons health.
                           b.  Describe strategies used to evaluate risk factors
                           c.  Identify steps you can take to meet personal goals (your goals 2018)
3.  DECIDE PROCESS (pp.16) class notes/Quiz next class
                            This process will help students make “difficult choices”.
Tuesday 24th to Wednesday 25th
1.  DECIDE PROCESS QUIZ (students can use class notes)
2.  Discussion:  Being a Wise Consumer
                             a.  Describe how to evaluate health products, services, and information.
                             b.  Evaluate what advertisement does and does not do for the consumer.
                             c.  Explain Health fraud, what are your rights as a consumer.
3.  Six Advertisement Methods (pp.21) class notes
Friday 26th     
1.  Choices Article
2.  Catch up day


Monday 22nd to Friday 26th
1.  All students received a P.E disclosure.  This must be signed and turned in for credit.
Students will come to class dressed for P.E. and ready to participate.
White crew neck shirt
Black shorts (NO LEGGINS)
Shoes and soc’s appropriate for class


January 16th to January 19th

Today starts a new semester.  Work hard and apply yourself and you will be rewarded.
Remember we have “Eagle Time”,  you can always come see me during this time especially if you have questions about your grades.
Good Luck…

January:   Tuesday 16th/Wednesday 17th
1.  Discuss class room rules and expectations.
2.  Student Disclosures will be sent home for parent/guardian signature.
3.  Discussion:  What is Health? (pp. 2-5)
4.  Textbook worksheet (DUE END OF CLASS)
January:  Thursday 18th Friday 19th
1.  Decide Process (pp. 16) notes for quiz next class.
2.  1-2:  Taking Responsibility For Health (pp. 12-14)
      1-3:  Being a Wise Health Consumer (pp. 18-24
      The Effects of Advertising:  (pp. 21)

January:  Tuesday 16th to Friday 17th
1.  Class expectations, locker room behavior, dress expectations.
2.  Parent Disclosure/DUE NEXT CLASS
1.  Dress out for class.
2.  Baseline assessments begin.